2003 Nebula Awards®

 Presented at Westin Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington on April 17, 2004

Thursday evening saw a reception to start the weekend.  It was followed by Science Friday, with panels dedicated to a series of papers on the biological, physical, and theoretical sciences.  Friday evening was the mass autographing at a local Barnes and Noble. After the autographing Deathmetal band Blöödhag performed and the nominee certificates and pins were given out.  Writer’s Saturday meant most of the Saturday panels were devoted to the business of writing: e-books, e-rights, e-piracy, web publications, etc.  Neal Stephenson served as toastmaster for the banquet, aided by a toaster which signaled a speaker’s time was up when it popped out fresh toast.  Microsoft Senior VP of Research Rick Rashid was the keynote speaker and Jeff Bezos also attended.  The schedule continued on Sunday after the banquet with a preview tour of the soon to open Science Fiction Museum.

Best Novel

Best Novella

Best Novelette

Best Short Story

Best Script