1994 Nebula Awards®

Presented at Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York, New York on April 22, 1995

Organized almost single-handedly by Eastern Regional Director Ann Crispin, this year’s Nebulas were held adjacent to Grand Central Station in New York. The Nebulas opened with a party sponsored by Dell Magazines and Bantam Books on Friday evening at the top of the Bertelsmann Building prior to the Official SFWA Opening Reception.  Saturday opened with talks by the SFWA attorney on Copyright and by an auditor on royalty statements.  The other activity for the day was the Business meeting.  Gardner Dozois emceed the event with Tom Doherty as the guest speaker.  This was the inaugural year for the Author Emeritus Award, presented to Emil Petaja and presented by Frank M. Robinson.  A special award was also given posthumously to Ian Ballantine.

Best Novel

Best Novella

Best Novelette

Best Short Story