2008 Nebula Awards®

Presented at Covell Commons, Grand Horizon Ballroom, UCLA in Los Angeles, California on April 25, 2009

Originally scheduled to be run by LASFS, this year’s Nebula was instead put together by Christina Valada, who suffered a catastrophic house fire about one month before the event.  The hotel, located in the Sepulvada Pass on Hollywood Blvd, was not within walking distance of everything and no mass autographing was scheduled, although several authors autographed as part of the L.A. Times Book Festival.   There was little programming, although there was a reception on Friday evening and on Saturday there was a brunch mixer with the Writers Guild of America.  Vans carried the attendees to the UCLA campus where the banquet was held with Janis Ian as the emcee who sang a science fictional version of her song “At Seventeen.”  The keynote speaker was producer Chuck Lorre of The Big Bang Theory.  The Bradbury Award was presented to Joss Whedon, who sent a video acceptance.  There was also a script award presented by Wil Wheaton.  Next year, the Bradbury Award will replace the Nebula Script Award.

Best Novel

Best Novella

Best Novelette

Best Short Story

Ray Bradbury Nebula Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation

Andre Norton Nebula Award for Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction

Best Script