Special Early Bird rates extended to December 15!

Special Early Bird conference membership rates extended to December 15!

The current rate is $160 for Conference Registration only (NO BANQUET TICKET)

or $240 for Conference Registration AND a Banquet Ticket. 

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-sfwa-nebula-conference-tickets-38362822234

3 Responses to “Special Early Bird rates extended to December 15!”

  1. Sierra Dawn Lupoi

    From Wikipedia Short story definitions I wrote my own personal insights today because of higher worlds such as the lost Amazon tribes and Natives from Central & South Americas’ that I hope to teach reading & writing to out of necessity & forebearance into higher communities of remembering & never forgetting.So because of Ray Bradbury , The Fog Horn ‘ I felt compelled to seek out Nebula Awards to join the community! Most appreciated!!

  2. Sierra Dawn Lupoi

    Science fiction love started for me last year because of my teacher, Tamar Baskind from UC Davis & the science fiction writers I most admire like ” Elizabeth Sweet” on gendered neutral toys! I have read numerous stories in school this fall such as Ursula K. LeGuin’S ” Those Who Walk Away From Omelas”, I was especially fond of The Unreal & The Real one of her popular hardback books @ Moe’s Bookstore on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California! John Gardner’s, ” Grendel” is quite fascinating to us all! Joyce Carol Oates, ” Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been “, is a tasteful suspense drama detailing Arnold Friend & his bipolar journeys’ in the state of Arizona.. I read that Charles Schmidt was responsible for the real murders & his chase down the drug lane of the late 50’s-60’s generations of Friday nights out with the family! So sad & defiant! As an educator these stories & more all produced results !

  3. Sierra Dawn Lupoi

    What a terrific reason to talk science fiction amongst acclaimed writers, authors & publishers, etc.. on behalf of knocking down the quick history of fantasy & science fiction! I really hope to attend the conference this 2018 in Pittsburgh not only because my entire family from Regio Calabria, Italy resides there but because I am interested in getting published & working in the world of science fiction & fantasy as a writer! My dad for over 25 years has enjoyed such flicks on cable t.v. As The Twighlight Zone, & his hit list for movies & actors goes on & on he’s been an English teacher in the past & has a degree in liberal arts like my mother, too both from Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City! I too, follow in their footsteps & choose to study English Literature as much as I can to grow & to respect the class distinctions that lie in behaviors & science to appreciate everything my teachers taught me!

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