Special Early Bird rates extended to December 15!

Special Early Bird conference membership rates extended to December 15!

The current rate is $160 for Conference Registration only (NO BANQUET TICKET)

or $240 for Conference Registration AND a Banquet Ticket. 

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-sfwa-nebula-conference-tickets-38362822234

3 Responses to “Special Early Bird rates extended to December 15!”

  1. Sierra Dawn Lupoi

    From Wikipedia Short story definitions I wrote my own personal insights today because of higher worlds such as the lost Amazon tribes and Natives from Central & South Americas’ that I hope to teach reading & writing to out of necessity & forebearance into higher communities of remembering & never forgetting.So because of Ray Bradbury , The Fog Horn ‘ I felt compelled to seek out Nebula Awards® to join the community! Most appreciated!!

  2. Sierra Dawn Lupoi

    Science fiction love started for me last year because of my teacher, Tamar Baskind from UC Davis & the science fiction writers I most admire like ” Elizabeth Sweet” on gendered neutral toys! I have read numerous stories in school this fall such as Ursula K. LeGuin’S ” Those Who Walk Away From Omelas”, I was especially fond of The Unreal & The Real one of her popular hardback books @ Moe’s Bookstore on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California! John Gardner’s, ” Grendel” is quite fascinating to us all! Joyce Carol Oates, ” Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been “, is a tasteful suspense drama detailing Arnold Friend & his bipolar journeys’ in the state of Arizona.. I read that Charles Schmidt was responsible for the real murders & his chase down the drug lane of the late 50’s-60’s generations of Friday nights out with the family! So sad & defiant! As an educator these stories & more all produced results !

  3. Sierra Dawn Lupoi

    What a terrific reason to talk science fiction amongst acclaimed writers, authors & publishers, etc.. on behalf of knocking down the quick history of fantasy & science fiction! I really hope to attend the conference this 2018 in Pittsburgh not only because my entire family from Regio Calabria, Italy resides there but because I am interested in getting published & working in the world of science fiction & fantasy as a writer! My dad for over 25 years has enjoyed such flicks on cable t.v. As The Twighlight Zone, & his hit list for movies & actors goes on & on he’s been an English teacher in the past & has a degree in liberal arts like my mother, too both from Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City! I too, follow in their footsteps & choose to study English Literature as much as I can to grow & to respect the class distinctions that lie in behaviors & science to appreciate everything my teachers taught me!

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