Nebula Scholarships and Sponsorships

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) is once again offering more than 100 scholarships for members of underserved communities for online registrations for the hybrid 2023 Nebula Conference.

To support efforts such as funding conference scholarships and other programs that promote and advance SFF creators and the genres, SFWA is also offering several conference sponsorship tiers for interested parties.

The 2023 Nebula Conference is rapidly approaching, taking place May 12–14, 2023. The conference is geared toward aspiring and professional storytellers in the speculative fiction genres and offers a professional development weekend full of panels, networking opportunities, and chances to learn from and interact with experts in related fields.

The 2023 Nebula Conference: May 12–14, 2023. Registration prices:

  • Anaheim, CA: $449.00
  • Online only: $150.00

Both of these prices include one full year of amazing content. Register here:

NEBULA SCHOLARSHIPS. Scholarship applications for the Nebula Conference must be completed on this form by April 21, 11:59pm Pacific Time.  

Here are the categories of scholarships we’re offering and the number available for each.

  • Scholarship for Black and/or Indigenous Creators: This scholarship is open to Black and/or Indigenous creators in the United States and abroad. (quantity: 25)
  • Scholarship for AAPI Creators: This scholarship is available to Asian creators, Asian American creators, and creators from the Pacific Islands. (quantity: 25)
  • Scholarships for Hispanic/Latinx Creators: This scholarship is available to creators with backgrounds in Spanish-speaking and/or Latin American cultures. (quantity: 25)
  • Scholarship for Writers Based Outside of the U.S.: This scholarship is available to creators who live outside the United States. (quantity: 25)
  • Scholarship for Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community: This scholarship is available to creators who identify as LGBTQIA+. (quantity: 25)

From the applicant pool, the scholarship recipients will be selected by lottery. This scholarship will be available for our online conference only, which will give access to the streamed/online conference events over the conference weekend and all future online events for a full year.

Support of underserved communities isn’t possible without help. Donations are welcome at to help support this very worthy cause. Questions about scholarships can be sent to

NEBULA SPONSORSHIPS. Conference sponsorships are an important way SFWA funds essential outreach, like the Nebula scholarships, to the diverse voices within the global science fiction and fantasy publishing community. The cost of funding a scholarship significantly rises for in-person conferences and SFWA needs help to make them possible for future years.

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your latest book release? Interested in getting your brand in front of hundreds of conference attendees both in-person and around the world online? SFWA has a sponsorship option for you!

Here are this year’s options:

  • Gold Sponsor: Support our Suite Refreshments
    Two of the most popular hangouts during the conference are the hospitality suite and volunteer suite. As a Gold Sponsor, your logo will adorn the doors of each suite! Your logo will also be on all Nebula Award and conference email communication to SFWA members and conference attendees and will appear in the commemorative program book!  — $5,000
  • Silver Sponsor: Support Receptions
    Forever link your logo in the minds of reception attendees with their own celebration as a Silver Sponsor! Your logo will be proudly displayed at the in-person Nebula Finalist Reception, the Past Presidents Meetup, and the Mentor Meetup. It will also be included on all Nebula Award and conference email communication to SFWA members and conference attendees and appear in the commemorative program book! — $2,500
  • Bronze Sponsor:
    As one of our Bronze Sponsors, your logo will be on all Nebula Award and conference email communication to SFWA members and conference attendees and will also appear in the commemorative program book! — $750
  • Sponsor a Private Party:
    Be the envy of everyone at the Nebulas by hosting a private party. Your logo will be a highlight of the party listing announcement and be displayed in the private room where the party will take place. — $2,000

*additional costs dependent on cocktail/menu selection.

  • Sponsor a Panel for our Virtual Attendees:
    The Nebula Airship is primed for takeoff, and as a virtual panel sponsor your logo will grace the background of the onliner panel of your choice. — $350
  • Congratulate a Nebula Finalist!
    Being a SFWA Nebula Finalist is a career milestone and the awards evening will be filled with excitement and nerves. Send your well wishes and congratulations to any finalist you wish by filling out a form, which will be available soon at! Your note will be delivered to the finalist’s chair before the ceremony begins, providing them with good vibes to last through the evening! —$50

If you’re interested in any of our sponsorship opportunities, email for details. Sharing the opportunities for sponsorships and scholarships with publishers, agents, and other industry friends is highly encouraged.

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