Make Your 2023 Nebula Conference Programming Suggestions

A key reason why our annual Nebula Conferences are full of valuable professional development for aspiring and established SFF and related genre creators is that they offer programming on craft and business topics that you want to learn more about.

Now is the time to suggest the topics you’d like to see in this year’s conference!

Contribute specific panel and programming ideas by completing this form by Monday, February 13 Please feel free to submit program items that you simply want to attend and/or ones that you’d like to participate in. You’ll need to complete a new form for each proposed topic.

Here are some ideas based on current issues SFF creators are facing:

  • What’s the future of table-top RPG writing?
  • You’ve done it! You’ve become a brand! Now how do you find time to write?
  • How to read a contract for media tie-in work.
  • The social media landscape is shifting: What new strategies can creators adopt for engagement?

Examples from past years:

  • Writing Through the Pain: Learn from Authors Living with Chronic Pain
  • Comics and the Craft of Storytelling: How Sequential Art Can Elevate Yours
  • Collaborative Writing: How to Share Your Brain Space
  • Short Story Collections: When to Release Them and How

Even if you’re unable to attend the conference in Anaheim or online over the May 12–14 weekend, you may still get the chance to see your topic tackled! If selected, panels, presentations, and workshops will appear in our 2023 conference archive. All conference registrations include a year’s worth of access to that archive.

If you’d like to volunteer as a speaker for the conference, you can also indicate that by updating your SFWA profile here. Select “edit” and then be sure that “Speaker – at the Nebula Conference” is checked in your volunteering preferences in the Other Information section. Not a member? Not a problem! Anyone can volunteer as a speaker at any time by submitting contact information and volunteer preferences here:

Once again, the survey for submitting your programming ideas is here: Don’t forget to also register for the conference if you haven’t yet! Online registrations are $150, and there are very few in-person registrations left at the current registration price of $449. Once they’re gone, the price will rise.

We look forward to seeing how your suggestions can help create another fantastic year of Nebula Conference programming!

The SFWA Events Team

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