The SFWA Book Depot and Mass-Autographing Instructions


Thank you so much for registering to attend the 2020 SFWA Nebula Conference! We are getting everything ready for your arrival in just over 90 days from now. As we prepare, we wanted to give you an update on two important programs that SFWA will again be offering on site and how you can participate.

The SFWA Book Depot

This year at the SFWA Nebula Conference, we are bringing back the successful SFWA Book Depot. We will order hardcovers, paperbacks, and more, from Ingram, along with handling consignment sales for all attending members who sign up before our deadline of April 15th. However, please be advised that our budget for wholesale orders from Ingram is limited, and for this reason, we will only be able to order small quantities of titles that are returnable at full discount.

We will also be offering a consignment arrangement again. This option is particularly helpful for stocking indies, out-of-print or out-of-stock titles, or titles that are not readily available from Ingram with the terms listed above. SFWA’s consignment commission is 20% per copy sold, which helps offset our credit card processing fees and administrative expenses.

If you are interested in providing books on consignment in our Book Depot, you can sign up here:

Please note that for consignment sales, you are responsible for dropping off your books at the start of the event and picking them up before the close of the event. We cannot accept shipments of any consignment books. You must arrange to bring them with you or make other arrangements to get them to the hotel on your own.

For both the Ingram orders and consignment, we absolutely must have your information by the April 15th deadline or we will not be able to accommodate you. On-site sign-ups will not be accepted. If you are interested in participating in either or have questions please email Sean Wallace at as soon as possible!

Mass Autographing

We would also like to remind you that the annual SFWA Mass Autographing will be on Sunday, May 31st, 2020 from 11AM – 1PM this year. If you have indicated your intention to participate but find that your plans have changed, please let the events team know as soon as possible. Space is limited this year, and we’d like to make room for as many attendees as we can. Thank you! You can reach the SFWA Events Team at

We look forward to seeing you at the SFWA Nebula Conference!


The SFWA Events Team

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