Nebula Banquet tickets nearly sold out. (Only 9 remain.)

If you are planning to attend the 2018 Nebula Banquet, please purchase your ticket soon. We are likely to run out.

Banquet tickets have sold much faster than expected, and at the time of this post only about 9 banquet tickets remain.

Once all banquet tickets have sold, we do not expect to be able to accommodate additional requests for banquet tickets. (Unless you are a nominee, in which case we will find space for you. Unfortunately, we may not be able to find space for guests who may wish to join you, unless they already have a ticket.)

Get your conference and banquet ticket today:

Please note: if you have already registered for the conference ONLY and would now like to add a banquet ticket, email and she’ll assist you with that process—but only while banquet tickets still remain available. Once all banquet tickets are sold, you will most likely not be able to attend the banquet.

We do expect to provide seating for the Awards Ceremony after the banquet, but space may be limited.

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