Experts Needed!

This year’s Nebula Office Hours will be one-on-one teleconferences where writers and interested parties can interview “experts” in their designated field of expertise.

Open to both SFWA members and non-members, we’re in search of knowledgeable people who are willing to volunteer one hour of their time to give four 15 minute interviews and have their brains picked. It’s a great way to pay it forward!

If you’re a scientist, a medical professional, web designer, combat specialist, a professional marketing strategist, or an underwater basket weaver – we want your know-how!

Contact Anne Tibbets to volunteer.

13 Responses to “Experts Needed!”

  1. Jan Willer

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist here. Often authors get mental health issues a bit off, so I’m happy to help them out all I can!

  2. Matthew von der Ahe

    Licensed geologist here. 15 years experience. More than happy to share my expertise.

  3. Grace Fong

    Professional illustrator. Also ten years of experience in video game and animation industries. Can always help elaborate on those things.

  4. Stanley Foo


    I’m a life-long science fiction fan, and I’ve even written some articles in a fan magazine during the 1990’s (yes, I’m that old). I am also a lawyer, licensed in Ontario, British Columbia, and New York, and I would be willing to help out if need be. I would also like to become an affiliate member.

    I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  5. Erin Rae Hoffer

    I’m a researcher/online educator in Climate Policy, Public Administration and Business with a background in architecture and design software/technology.

  6. Richard Steinberg

    Professor of Economics and Philanthropic Studies. I study nonprofit organizations, giving, volunteering. Lifelong fan, I had the good fortune as an undergraduate at MIT of taking a course in comparative economic systems that included three science fiction novels, and am intrigued by the future of institutional forms (nonprofits, for-profits, governments, worker-managed etc.)

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